Coimbatore – Sharjah : Air Arabia

Air Arabia started flying between CBE and Sharjah from 1 Oct.  It will be the second Carrier to connect Gulf to Coimbatore after Air India Express.  Air Arabia will fly twice every week to start with and they have plans to increase it to thrice as time goes by.

Sharjah – Coimbatore : Leave Sharjah at 0805 AM and arrive CBE at 1335 ( local time) .

Coimbatore  – Sharjah : Leave Coimbatore 1420 and Arrive Sharjah at 1640 (local time).

Happy flying.

Silk Air Schedule to Coimbatore

Silk Air Starts operation of its Singapore – Coimbatore sector from 28 Oct with the following schedules

From Singapore to Coimbatore on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday every week departing Singapore at 09:30PM and arriving CBE at 11:20PM.

From Coimbatore to Singapore on Thursday and Saturday every week departing CBE at 12:25 AM and arriving Singapore at 07:20 AM.

Happy Flying.

Srilankan Airlines to Coimbatore

Looking at the rapid growth of Coimbatore and the increasing visibility of Coimbatore in  the international aviation, Srilankan airlines has decided to introduce flights between Colombo and Coimbatore. Beginning its operations to Coimbatore from October 29, the airlines will initially operate four flights a week on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The A320 will be the carrier. So far, Srilankan airlines was connecting only Trichy in addition to Chennai with Colombo.

The flight schedules are not known and are not updated in their website as well.

Stay Tuned.

Silk Air to Coimbatore

Silk Air, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines is launching its service between Coimbatore and Singapore from October. This will be a three days a week service between two cities.  The schedule is not known yet.

Coimbatore becomes SilkAir’s third destination in south India after Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram

Airport Expansion – Update

With trichy getting the limelight in airport expansion and flight connections, Coimbatore does not want to left behind.. Some time ago there was a proposal to improve the airport with longer runways and improved terminal for Coimbatore airport. The proposed government land acquisition has run into a hurdle when people living in the proposed land protested. It appears that there are 5000 people are staying in 2000 homes which also some engg and textile units besides some schools.

Sounds like a valid protest.. Hopefully the govt had its orientation wrong and will correct it..

Coimbatore Airport is Busy

It appears that all the attention is focused on Trichy Airport with new services to Gulf countries from Trichy. But Coimbatore airport is quietly growing at a torrid pace in terms of passenger traffic. The recent report on passenger traffic statistics released by Airlines, Coimbatore airport’s passenger traffic increased by 62% from 4.8 lakhs to 7.8 lakhs passengers.  This is a very good news that it will make AAI to start looking at improving infrastructure in and around airport.

Flight to Singapore

Trichy got its direct flight to Singapore and it is now Coimbatore’s turn to get the direct flight to Singapore. Silk air is planning to introduce a direct Silk air flight between Coimbatore and Singapore by the end of the year. No further details are available but this is a very good start which will put a great pressure on the airport authorities to get their act together in terms of facilities.

Coimbatore Aviation Scene

It is interesting to notice that Trichy is getting all attention from International connections from Srilankan, Air India Express and Silk Air apart from increasing domestic connections by various other local airlines, the aviation scene in Coimbatore is very quiet. AirIndia Express and Silk Air are mulling whether to introduce flights to international destinations from Kovai. But it just a speculation for now.

With the retail boom and news about companies coming into Coimbatore, I was expecting that the airport will get busier as the year rolls on. We are getting conflicting reports in the media as to the potential of IT industry in Coimbatore. A recent article in The Hindu , citing Aviation sources saying that the IT parks and IT investments has attracted lukewarm reception from major companies and also not many Engineering companies are venturing into Coimbatore. Chennai has become the number 1 and only destination for major Engineering comapnies so far.

May be Kerala and Trichy due to their proximity are sucking in the international air passengers away from Coimbatore and so the airport is not able to generate enough volume to justify an internation connection.

According to the Travel Agencies in Kovai, the foreign travellers from Coimbatore, at present prefer transhipment via Chennai, Bangalore or Kochi international airports using the improved air connectivity at Coimbatore provided by the budget airlines.

The phase-2 runway expansion — from the existing 8,500 ft to 9,700 ft — being undertaken at the airport is expected to be through by this year-end which will enable the airport to handle bigger/wider aircraft.

New Airline Service – Air Sahara

Air Sahara is adding new services connecting Delhi and Bangalore with Coimbatore starting March 10. AirSahara is also making entry into Malaysia and adds it to its Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives’ Services. You can get flight Schedules @ Air Sahara.

Public Airports by Private Entrepreneunrs

Private companies are being allowed to build airports by the government in smaller cities where acquiring land is becoming issue for the government. The civil aviation ministry has suggested that private entrepreneurs, who possess the required amount of land, be allowed to build greenfield airports in the country.

Asking the finance ministry and the Planning Commission to ‘revisit’ the policy on airports, civil aviation minister Praful Patel said land acquisition for special economic zones was facing major hurdles at present.

The news report also adds the argument for this by the aviation minister:

“The problem is how do we allot new airports to different states or develop infrastructure, without acquiring land… If entrepreneurs can get the land with the support of the (local) people, this would help solve the problem,” Mr Patel said .
I don’t understand this. If Private entrepreneurs can get land from people with their consent, why not government can get the same. Is it because the government cannot or unwilling to pay the fair market price for the landowners or is not able to compete with the private landowners price demands for their land.

If the private entrepreneurs are moving to acquire the land for airport, there will certainly be irregularities in the process, ( we all know how convoluted and a roll of dice isacquiring a piece of land in India) Will the government have a watch dog to look over the process and protect the small landowners from getting fleeced.

I don’t see any indication of any oversight from the government in this and it appears that government is just “outsourcing” the problem areas of a process. I am afraid that it is going to be a sad story for owners and buyers of land near airport or potential business areas.

Hopefully, the government in their enthusiasm to please FIs and local business leaders, is not going to rob the common man.


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