My favorite restaurant-Sree Annapoorna

One of the many things which makes Coimbatore a great place is restaurants. Of all the restaurants, the best according to my opinion is Sree Annapoorna restaurant.Even today my mouth waters when i think about the dosa, pongal ,vadai etc etc hmmm……I can even say i am so addicted to their food. Till today they maintain goodSpecial Dosa quality and their customer service is excellent.The food is prepared in a very hygienic way and at times, upon request, they serve in plantain leaf which adds extra flavor to the dishes.
I still remember the giant special dosa which I like to have on special occassion days…My all time favorite is Annapoorna coffee. One of the added feature is that the restaurant is a full fledged vegetarian restaurant.
Even though there are many star hotels I just love Annapoorna a lot.
Good job Annapoorna keep it up and way to go.

To get more details regarding Annapoorna check out this link


2 Responses

  1. Quality is not like before..
    People’s park and Rs Puram Annapoorna
    Meals are horrible..
    Alankar is another horrible hotel.Most of my friends had stomach ache.They are doing the same like Anjali.Hotel chefs and waiters are like goondas…

  2. alankar is the crappiest hotel…

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