Feng-Shui articles at home

The latest rage in Coimbatore is keeping Chinese Feng-shui articles at home.

People believe that keeping a smiling Buddha will bring prosperity, a bamboo tree will help in career and health.
As a result, the business of Chinese Feng-shui (Architecture), from which these items of prosperity and luck are derived, has gained momentum in the recent times. Besides having a decorative value, the Shui items are also considered auspicious for the family. “I have come here to buy these Vastu items like Laughing Buddha and bamboo tree. We keep them in our house for decoration. These are also for good omen,” said Tshewang, a tourist customer from far away Bhutan.

Shopkeepers are happy that there is increasing demand for the articles.
“Business is running very well. Most of the Feng-shui items have been imported from China. The more popular it gets in the country, the more demand it brings to us. There are so many items and each item has different effect. The business has just doubled since we started selling Feng-Shui items,” said Naman, a shopkeeper.
Apart from the Laughing Buddha and bamboo tree, pots of various designs, golden snakes, horses and coins are some other favourites of customers.
The cost of Feng-shui articles range from rupees 10 to 1, 000 depending on their significance.
Feng shui, pronounced “fung shway”, is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. The literal translation is “wind and water”.
But actually Feng shui is not about a decorating style; it is a discipline whose guidelines are compatible with many different decorating styles.
For a place to have “good feng shui” is for it to be in harmony with Nature, to have “bad feng shui” is to be incongruous with Nature.

Source: Kerala News


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