Safe Deepavali with Crackers – Tips

Crackers are for Deepavali like gifts are for Christmas in West. There are groups who painstakingly explain that crackers are waste of money and so are Excessive gifts for Christmas. There are certainly lots of merit to their arguments , but for kids, crackers for deepavali and gifts for Christmas are a requirement. They wait for them the entire year and when time comes the thrill in showing off is far greater than anything.

But like anything in life a little care will go a long way in making the deepavali accident free for the people who burst crackers and for those who enjoy watching them. ( Don’t have to worry about rockets zapping through someone’s house or someone’s dhoti :))

The TN Pollution control board has taken several steps to educate public on the effects of crackers on the environment. District Collectors have been requested to create awareness among public, highlighting the environmental impact of bursting fire crackers through schools, colleges and local bodies.

The police have been asked to ban firecrackers which were above the 125 db `A’ level, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

I am not sure which crackers fall in this decibel levels.

It would have been very useful for law enforcement and general public, if instead of dB levels, the commercial names of the crackers were released.

If any of you reading this know the commercial names, please let me know. I will update this post.

Fire and Rescue department has given some tips to follow while bursting crackers.

  • Crackers should be burst in open places
  • A bucket of mud and water should be kept nearby while bursting Crackers.
  • The crackers should not be stuffed inside a tin or bottle to burst it.

I can’t believe that many will follow the second tip but nevertheless, they are very sound advices.

One thing I am not sure why no one talks about is the potential fire hazard due to sangu chakram, bosvaanams, sattai and Pambu muttais. Mostly these are enjoyed indoors ( except bosvaanams) and the potential for fire hazard is very high with these not to mention the health effects due to inhaling the vapours released in close spaces.

Anyway, Everyone have a Great and Safe Deepavali with lots of sweets and smiles.

For yummy deepavali recipes, refer to my Deepavali Recipes page.


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