Wimax in Coimbatore – Update

As I posted before Aircell Business Solutions (ABS) is planning to add Coimbatore and many other prominent cities to its Wimax networks. According to Ram Shinde, Senior Vice President, “ABS, in the first phase would cover the four metros, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Cochin and Ahmadabad and will include 44 other cities around the country in the Second Phase”

Looking at what kind of network ABS has provided to Chennai, we can assume similar wireless environment in Coimbatore. In Chennai, it has already enabled wireless connectivity for SME and Enterprise clients through WiMAX based on 802.16d standards at a speed range of 2 to 10 Mbps.These WiMAX deployments use NLOS wherein the customer premises equipment (CPE) does not have to face the Base Transmission station (BTS). The advantage of Wimax is that it is unaffected by environmental or climatic disturbances and provides relief to organizations from ‘last mile’ connectivity concerns both in urban and rural areas with limited network infrastructure.

OK.. Now we know the the technology behind the implementation. But what this means to us who wants to enjoy Internet connectivity at all places ? Let’s look at chennai and extrapolate what might happen in Coimbatore. ( As there is no clear cut announcement from Aircell on payment terms and mode)

In Chennai, ABS has Internet services at the ‘hotspots’ that are enabled through pre-paid cards integrated with Payment Gateways for on-line registration and subsequently activated using the ‘Authentication, Authorization & Accounting’ (AAA) mechanism. According to Mr.Shinde, “ABS aims to make Chennai ‘wire free’ using WiMax enabling wireless Internet connectivity for SMEs, enterprise and residential use” .

So we can expect more of the same in Coimbatore and other cities.

– Source includes : Financial Times, The Hindu and Indiantelevsion.com –


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