City Planning ( or lack thereof)

Like any other expanding city in TamilNadu, Coimbatore is also suffering from lack of civic sense and city planning. The houses that are built from kaali patta without considering suitable drainage and sanitary conditions leads to numerous perils to people who live there. This lack of city planning as far as water channeling is concerned is brought to light by the flooding in some parts of the new developments due to heavy rain. It is disheartening to see the mentality of passing the buck between communities and government without taking any steps to ease the situation. The people trying to break the levies in order to safeguard their colonies from flooding in the expense of people in the other colonies are very sad to know. These acts can be justified and condemned at the same time depends on which side of the fence we are looking from. This article from the Hindu details various perils, missed opportunities and the stalemate resulting from the ineptness of the people and their representatives.


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