Next Medical Issue – conjunctivitis.

First It was Chikungunya; Then It was DengueFever. Now it is conjunctivitis.

The next contagious Health Scare wave is this ? Not Sure .. But the sudden Spurt in conjunctivitis, sure makes the doctors think that way. Coimbatore along with Belgaum, Bangalore and Hyderabad is getting affected by this eye problem which is also called “Madras Eye”. The Signs of having conjunctivitis is to have watery discharge, irritation and redness in eyes.

The number of cases reported to hospitals are increasing day by day as this is a very contagious disease. It could spread through direct contact with the infected objects like personal items like bed linens, Handkerchief etc. The doctor’s advice is

  • Wash the eye multiple times with water.
  • If the discomfort increases, get regular eye drops and use them.
  • Don’t use high end eye drops, as they may contain Steroids which may aggravate the issue.

If you have it, then the history says that it takes 7 days to cure.


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