Kingfisher launches flight from Kovai

COIMBATORE: The Bangalore-based Kingfisher Airlines launched its flight from Coimbatore on Thursday, linking important cities in the rest of the country.

Announcing the launch of 58 new daily flights on 15 new routes across nine cities across the country, the airlines said with the launching of the new flights, its network expanded to 23 cities and the number of daily flights increased to 130.

Varanasi, Pune, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Jammu and Hyderabad are the cities to which the new services have been launched, said a release from the airlines.

The flights from Coimbatore link cities such as Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jammu, Bangalore and Pune. The airlines have three brand new Airbus A321 super liners in its fleet and the fourth aircraft was expected to join the fleet by the end of this month, the release added.

Commenting on the launch of these new routes, Vijay Mallya, Chairman and CEO of Kingfisher Airlines said, ‘‘The airlines has come to be regarded as a trend-setter in service excellence for the industry as a whole. The pace of growth, coupled with our constant endeavour to raise the bar, has endeared Kingfisher Airlines to its guests and this is sure to catapult the airlines to the position of a market leader by the year 2010.’’

The Coimbatore-Ahmedabad flight (No IT 412) would depart at 1000 hrs and land at 1210 hrs, while in the reverse direction, the flight (No IT 413) would take-off at 1805 hrs and land at 2015 hrs.

The flight (No IT 413) for Bangalore would take-off from Coimbatore by 2045 hrs and land at 2145 hrs. In the return direction, the flight (No IT 4412) would take-off at 0830 hrs and arrive at Coimbatore at 0910 hrs.

The flight (No IT 412) for Jammu from Coimbatore would take off at 1500 hrs and the return flight (No IT 413) would take-off from Jammu at 1530 hrs and arrive in Coimbatore at 2015 hrs.

The Pune-bound flight (No IT 413) would take-off at 2045 hrs and land in Pune at 2320 hrs and the return flight (No IT 412) would take-off from Pune at 0630 hrs and arrive in Coimbatore at 0910 hrs.


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