Take care while selling your vehicle

Merely handing over the signed forms for transfer of ownership of a vehicle (car/motorcycle) or getting a delivery note signed by the buyer does not absolve you of the risk and responsibilities in the event of the sold car/motorcycle being used for nefarious or illegal activities.

Hitherto, the vehicle sellers used to hand over the vehicles to the buyers after signing up form numbers 29 and 30 and a sale receipt. As a proof for handing over the vehicle the original owners or sellers take a signed delivery note from the buyer. Most of the time, the vehicles are sold to an unknown third party depending on the highest quote.

From the buyers, the sellers never seek an identity or a residence proof.

In many cases, the sale is based on enquiries made through brokers.

Recent cases

In many of the recent cases of criminal offences, extremist and illegal activities, the law-enforcing agencies have come across second hand vehicles being used for committing an offence.

The vehicles were used for such activities without transfer of ownership i.e., change of ownership name in the registration certificate. When the vehicles were abandoned after committing the offence, tracing the owner or the offender became impossible. Under such circumstances, the law-enforcing agencies reach a dead end in the investigations.


Hence, to firm up the procedures in a bid to prevent law-breakers from committing offences with ease, the transport department is planning to come out with a circular aimed at educating everyone involved in the sale of a vehicle.

Deputy Transport Commissioner, Coimbatore Circle (in charge), T. Gunasekaran told this correspondent that people hitherto selling vehicles would have to handover the vehicles only after effecting the name change in the registration records i.e. after completing the procedural formalities with the Regional Transport Offices.

The sellers would have to verify the antecedents of the buyers. If any vehicle was found involved in any offence before transfer of ownership, the police would hold the original owner responsible, Mr Gunasekaran said.


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