Streamlining of water distribution stressed

The daily supply of drinking water to all the 72 wards in the city is possible, if distribution is streamlined in an effective way, as the rain goddess has showered blessings copiously in this industrial region.

The members of the newly elected Corporation council, who in their election campaign, had promised daily supply of water, expressed their feelings about the possibilities of ensuring supply on a daily basis, at the first council meeting held on Thursday.

An AIADMK councillor, K Rajkumar said, “Siruvani, the major water source to the city and many villages, is overflowing for the past 140 days, following torrential rains in the catchment area. Even then, the public complains regarding improper water distribution. The Mayor and the commissioner should make more efforts for giving priority to the daily water supply.”

Sources said that the full reservoir level would ensure daily distribution to the city for a minimum of six months.

If additional requirements like raising dam height and constructing tanks for storing surplus water were met with, the daily supply would be possible without any difficulty.

The Corporation has to manage the water needs for more than 13 lakh people, including a sizeable portion of floating population.

Pilloor drinking water scheme-II phase, for whose implementation a comprehensive plan was already drawn up and approval for Rs 76.37 crore got approved, would facilitate the water managers to ensure smooth supply in the future.

According to Mayor Colony R Venkatachalam, there would be no water scarcity this year due to the favourable monsoon.

Pilloor pipelines were repaired and adequate measures had been taken to attend to the leakage and pipe bursting.

When the Rs 3,000 crore city development plan under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission is fully implemented in a phased manner, the needs of the city, including water, would get fulfilled to the full satisfaction of the residents.

V Nandhakumar, president, Universal Brotherhood Association, had sent memoranda to the President of India, Prime Minister, the Supreme Court Chief Justice and the Chief Minister, requesting them to form “a special environmental police force” with adequate powers, on the lines of the Special Task Force and CBI police to remove encroachments on water bodies and protect them round the year.

He pointed out that in Coimbatore, if tanks in various places were protected, the ground water level would increase, facilitating the residents to get enough water from the borewells.


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