10 lakh surgeries planned by 2015

Coimbatore, Dec 5. (PTI): Aravind Eye Hospitals and the Postgraduate Institute of ophthalmology, one of the leading eyecare institutes in Tamil Nadu, has set a target of 10 lakh eye surgeries by 2015, a senior hospital surgeon said on Monday.

Considering the dream of its founder Dr G Venkatasamy, the hospital, which has six branches and dozens of ‘managed care centres’ across the Country, also planned to have 100 branches by that period, Dr V Narendran, chief medical officer, Coimbatore facility, told reporters here.

The hospital had totally handled 17.21 lakh outpatients and performed 2.47 lakh surgeries by the end of 2005. It would start Centres across the Country, like those in Kolkata, Lucknow and Amethi either on a tie-up basis or under the project of WHO collaborating centre for prevention of Blindness.

Tirupur facility of the hospital would be opened on December six, he said, adding 40 per cent of eye surgeries in Tamil Nadu were carried out by Aravind surgeons, who constituted only 10 per cent of the State’s ophthalmologists.

Seventy per cent of treatment was given free of cost, he said.

The Intra Ocular Lenses manufactured by the hospital, are being exported to 110 countries, with a domestic market share of 10 per cent, Narendran said.


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