Corn oil heart friendly, says study

The regular intake of corn oil could reduce the chances of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases, according to a study by the Avinashilingam University for Women in Coimbatore.

“This research was done to see if corn oil usage in our daily life would reduce cholesterol content. The results are very positive,” Dr Dorothy Jaganathan, Reader, Department of Food Service Management and Dietetics at the University said.

The study, conducted among 100 people recently, revealed that corn oil was better than any other oil in lowering blood cholesterol as it considerably reduced elevated triglyceride, a form of fat in the blood.

This was attributed to the high level of non-triglyceride compounds, especially plant sterols, found in this oil.

“In our country, mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases is steadily increasing. This is primarily due change in our food habits…. As for as edible liquid vegetable oils are concerned, corn oil is better than any other oil for lowering blood cholesterol,” she said.

The study also says that corn oil is easy to digest, provides energy as well as essential fatty acids (EFA).

High in polyunsaturated fats, a tablespoon of corn oil will suffice the daily essential fatty acid needs of a healthy child or adult. Contents of corn oil are anti-carcinogenic, immune boosting and hypogiycemic.

“Oil is an important ingredient in Indian cooking. So the wise way to safeguard health is to use corn oil,” said A Arumugam, Managing Director, Avitaa Food Products, which supplied oil for the study.


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