Coimbatore cake exhibition a big hit ahead of Christmas

As the Christmas mood grips people across the country, especially in the metro, Coimbatore is drawing an unusual number of cake lovers through a 10-day cake exhibition.

On display are cakes that fascinate everyone’s attention due to their various designs, sizes and flavours. Also on display is a baker’s reconstruction of the Saint Mary Basilica, a chocolate Eiffel Tower, and a brownie Titanic.

Among other exhibited cakes, a special 13-feet twin towers of the erstwhile World Trade Centre in New York has drew maximum attention.

“The main piece of attraction this year is the World Trade Centre, which is 13-feet tall and has consumed 1 tonne of sugar. It has taken one month by four men to complete this work,” said Bobby, a baker who has been organizing the exhibition for the past 12 years.

Bobby added the 2.5 feet wide cake has been displayed to put across the importance of world peace.

Other major draws include a cake displaying the famous traditional boat race of Kerala, and another one shaped like the Red Fort in Indian capital New Delhi.

The exhibition, in its 12th edition now, has become an annual event that locals look forward to every year as Christmas season sets in.

“This is the second time I am coming to this exhibition, to see some of these cakes, Last year I saw some good cakes. This year I saw many cakes shaped like a clock, an auto (auto rickshaw- indigenous local transport vehicle),” said Praveen, a 12-year-old visitor.

The traditional Christmas cake comes in an impressive and delectable array and this year and shoppers have a wider choice of “healthy” low calorie varieties in the market, apart from traditional plum cakes.

Though Hindus comprise majority of the country’s population, the Christmas festivities, especially the tradition of giving and receiving gifts is catching on among all communities irrespective of religious belief.

On the Christmas eve, the Midnight Mass precedes the Christmas day and the churches resound with joyful singing of Christmas carols and thanksgiving.

Christians form less than three per cent of country’s total population mainly concentrated in Kerala, Goa and the northeastern States.


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