Helmet Update

We know we have to wear helmets soon on two wheelers. But when is the d-date for that.

Well , The TN govt is making wearing helmets for two wheeler driver and pillion rider(s) mandatory from June 01 2007. Coimbatore joins the elite group of 5 cities along with Chennai, Trichy, Salem, Madurai and Tirunelveli where this new rule will be enforced from June 01. The Govt is planing to pass this ordinance by Mar 01.

The rule is going to be in effect in peak Summer and no doubt the people are going to start complaining about this uncomfortable situation. But with the traffic as chaos as it is , this becomes a necessary hindrance.

Now with the retail and sale craze ( Ethukku eduthaalum Sale thaan, ippo) will the two wheeler vehicle dealers come up with a plan of buy a vehicle and get two helmets ( His and her styles of course) free schemes.

Also, will this law affect the kids who travel with their parents either sandwiched between them or standing / sitting (over the petrol tank ) in the front.

Just a (Scary !) thought !!!!!!


One Response

  1. > either sandwiched between them or standing / sitting

    🙂 Yep. Also there are no helmets for kids. Isn’t it? All the fathers has to think abt it!

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