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Electrical Wires to go underground

Ubiquitous Electrical, telephones and Communications Cables overhead in the city will be a sight of past if the Coimbatore corporation implements its plan of moving them underground. Posing a hazard to the moving vehicles and reason for perennial powercuts in the city, these have become too cumbersome to maintain. So Coimbatore Corporation wants to move them underground in tubes under every major roadways.  Such plan was already done in Chennai for the IT corridor. But that plan is little too ambitious for coimbatore as most of the roads are very narrow and if they have to be dug up for moving electrical lines , we need divine intervention to reduce chaos.

I am not sure how this will be implemented. Implementing this in new areas of construction is one thing but doing this in established areas is completely different cup of tea. Also, the control and command center should be robust enough to pinpoint problem areas when there is any to minimize the disturbance to the traffic.

But this is neccessary to do especially if we have to handle the upcoming traffic congestion by introducing alternate travel means like skybus services etc.

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  1. […] again, the Coimbatore Corp started the plans for this and now it is Trichy’s turn to pull this […]

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