Land for IT park in Coimbatore

Currently, ELCOT has acquired 29 acres near Coimbatore Medical College for a Tidel Park and will also allot a portion of the land to Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services for development of their facilities. The health department has agreed to hand over another 27 acres, a contiguous site. But the forecast appears to be for 2000 acres and ELCOT is having tough time in getting land of that proportion near the city. So the government is looking for land to build IT parks in coimbatore.

It appears they are having a tough time in getting land , so they are requesting landowners with lands near a major highway and within 20 to 25 kms from the city to come forward and negotiate with the government for a good price for their land. As the land requirement is huge and it may not be possible for one individual to have all the land, they are urging the landowners to form a committee / group and partner with the Govt to build IT park.  Looks like the deal could be worked out in such a way that the land owner can retain a portion of the land and ELCOT will construct the park in other portions.

Sounds like a good deal for some porampokku nilams ?  What do u think ?

Source : The Hindu


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for detailed information; Keep updating this information regularly.

  2. Any more update on this?


  3. Guys, I heard work has started on IT Park and is in full swing. Also the IT Park will be completed by Dec ’08? Please post the progress guys.

  4. thank you for your informations.update the pictures also

  5. we have 25-200 acres land in coimbatore in NH.if ur interested pls contact 9952686001

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