Coimbatore Aviation Scene

It is interesting to notice that Trichy is getting all attention from International connections from Srilankan, Air India Express and Silk Air apart from increasing domestic connections by various other local airlines, the aviation scene in Coimbatore is very quiet. AirIndia Express and Silk Air are mulling whether to introduce flights to international destinations from Kovai. But it just a speculation for now.

With the retail boom and news about companies coming into Coimbatore, I was expecting that the airport will get busier as the year rolls on. We are getting conflicting reports in the media as to the potential of IT industry in Coimbatore. A recent article in The Hindu , citing Aviation sources saying that the IT parks and IT investments has attracted lukewarm reception from major companies and also not many Engineering companies are venturing into Coimbatore. Chennai has become the number 1 and only destination for major Engineering comapnies so far.

May be Kerala and Trichy due to their proximity are sucking in the international air passengers away from Coimbatore and so the airport is not able to generate enough volume to justify an internation connection.

According to the Travel Agencies in Kovai, the foreign travellers from Coimbatore, at present prefer transhipment via Chennai, Bangalore or Kochi international airports using the improved air connectivity at Coimbatore provided by the budget airlines.

The phase-2 runway expansion — from the existing 8,500 ft to 9,700 ft — being undertaken at the airport is expected to be through by this year-end which will enable the airport to handle bigger/wider aircraft.


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  1. Fly Dubai to fly from Dubai to Coimbatore from 14 July, 2009 thrice a week

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