Relief to Trichy – CBE Road motorists

If you have traveled on Trichy Road near ondiputtur , you would have noticed a huge bottleneck in road traffic where a bridge is being constructed as overpass to the railway track for ages. I don’t even remember when it started. It has been that long. But it appears that the bridge ( 1 km long and constructed with Rs16.50 cr)  is finally getting ready to be open for traffic. Hailed as a broadest bridge in the region ( Tamilnadu is not especially known for fly overs) it will be open for passenger traffic on Apr 14th and commercial lorry / heavy vehicle trafficby the end of the month.  ( Thamizh Putthandu parisu) . Any one wants to bet that it will not be used by buses before that ..

But the more important thing about that date is it will be open before the monsoon sets in which will just wreak havoc on that access road on either side of the bridge. Once the bridge is open, the monumental debacle in plans will be in big display for anyone who looks at the patch work done to the road that accesses the bridge. It is not complete. so we will have a bridge which is new and with good road, but to get there , we have to go through numerous pot holes which will stop / slow the traffic.

You’ve got to be kidding me. ……


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