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Artificially ripened Mangoes in distribution

Mangoes, the sweet fruit of Summer in TN is tainted with Chemicals that could cause stomach problems. It appears greed and penchant for making quick bucks are taking a toll on fruits’ taste and quality. In pollachi, this artificial ripening is taking place in major scale based on a report in Dinamalar. ( Look for this in Kovai section)

The Govt had issued notices to the mangoes distributors’ and growers’ association in pollachi as this acts as a epicenter of this tainted fruit distribution. This practice is not only prevalent in TN but TOI reports about this practice in Hyderabad and other areas. Due to the climate and Summer rain the natural process of ripening mangoes is taking a longer cycle which is eating into the profits and also contributing to the higher consumer prices of the fruits.

How does these fruits thus artificially ripened look like. It will have a golden colored lustrous skin with small black dots all over. The fruit will be less sweeter than naturally ripened ones.

In pollachi the district administration headed by district collector has raided a fruit market. But when they reached there all the mango shops were closed it seems and so they raided one shop which was open and destroyed all mangoes.

What a Hogwash !!

If all the shops are closed when they went ( this itself is a failure) why can’t the authorities go back another time and do the testing if they are really interested in protecting public health.

God save TN…!!!!

A quick Note: I googled to see whether this process is being used elsewhere and found that it is used in US as well to artificially ripen the fruits.

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  2. hi dear sir

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