Talent hunt for 6-10 years…

To bring out the hidden talent among children between the age group of six and 10 years, a mega contest is being held here on June 24.

The contest comprises on-stage events, where kids were to exhibit their talent, within the allotted time of seven minutes, where the judgment would be purely based on spot performance, Leo, music director and coordinator of the ‘Star Kids-2K7,’ told reporters here yesterday.

The competition include basic etiquette,general behaviour discipline, Interpersonal relationship,style and attitude and basic skills in any category (singing,dancing and acting).

The children would undergo an audition test on June 10, from which 10 boys and 10 girls would be selected and trained by choreographer, Sherief from Tap Tune Dance Institution,for the main event on June 24.

One boy and a girl would be crowned with ‘Star Kid 2K7″ title and a runner up from each gender will also be chosen. There would be sub-titles for the best body language, best style, the disciplined, best expression, smartness and the talented, Leo said.

The winners would be given wide exposure in the field of modeling, advertising and films by the event managers, TRIO.

With more than 250 children expected to participate, a part of the funds raised through the show would be given to charity to some orphanages in and around the city.

Sourse:The Hindu 

Gud luck Kiddos…..



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