Seatbelts compulsory in cars from June 1 Drunken driving will invite cancellation of licence: official

The driving licence of those who indulge in drunken and negligent driving and who are involved in fatal accidents will be cancelled, Transport Commissioner C.P. Singh has warned.

The licence will be suspended for six months for the first offence.

In the event of second or subsequent offence, it will be cancelled. Action will also be initiated against vehicle owners for failure to discipline their drivers, he told reporters.

Mr. Singh said the Government was striving to reduce accidents. Besides preventive measures such as mandatory seatbelts for car-users and helmets for two-wheeler riders, efforts were being made to enhance the skills of drivers and improve their driving habits. Wearing of seatbelts in cars was being made compulsory from June 1.

The Institute of Road Transport had been requested to devise courses for drivers of various types of vehicles, including those that carry inflammable petroleum products and hazardous commodities.

Ashok Leyland and Maruti had opened driving schools. The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation was equipping its 17 driving schools. The feasibility of the public using these schools for a nominal fee was being explored. The Highways Department had been asked to take remedial measures in accident-prone spots on highways.

Mr. Singh said dealers would be asked to display the price of quality certified helmets to prevent their sale at inflated rates. Mr. Singh said 92 lakh vehicles, including 71 lakh two-wheelers, plied in the State, and lakhs of new vehicles were being registered every year.

Sourse:The Hindu


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