Airport Expansion – Update

With trichy getting the limelight in airport expansion and flight connections, Coimbatore does not want to left behind.. Some time ago there was a proposal to improve the airport with longer runways and improved terminal for Coimbatore airport. The proposed government land acquisition has run into a hurdle when people living in the proposed land protested. It appears that there are 5000 people are staying in 2000 homes which also some engg and textile units besides some schools.

Sounds like a valid protest.. Hopefully the govt had its orientation wrong and will correct it..


8 Responses

  1. Do any one know when airindiaexpress flight is to be operated from singapore to coimbatore.?

  2. I am feeling very sad that, coimbatore airport expansion, ia facing lot of issues. How can the district administration allow developments near to airport.
    We are not at all thinking about the future requirements.Real estate developers, paying bribes to govt officials, they are getting the things done.Finally it is affecting the overall development .
    Even AAI knows that, they required more space , they themselves not projecting or objecting. I dont know, what will happen to coimbatore Airport Expansion.


  3. The expansion is really affects the people who are all living near by airport. I thind the district administration has to see the situation of people and their safety. May be airport getting a good profit and international flights are comming for people convenient. but ultimately the general public will get into trouble.


  4. It is quite surprising news that the way the AAI’s development has been planned. It is heading towards East to slight North East direction, where there is lage amount of human settlement, which is not happened due to any of real estate persons in recent period. Chinniyam Palayam is the village, which has it historical notes for its existance and there is an ample amount of space available in the southern side of Airport(Ref: Google Map) upto Neelampur Bypass Road. But AAI wont consider this because most of the land area is owned by a minister of ruling government.

    • Hey,

      I am from Coimbatore and, i am planning to buy a property near Airport, do you have details about the acquisition plots or SF numbers or sources from where i can get this ??

      Please let me know if anyone knows any information..

  5. Due to recent news thro daily newspapers in this week regarding “Proposal for Coimbatore Airport Expansion”, many families residing nearby Airport area from SITRA to Neelampur suffering and afraid about the occupation of their residents/properties.Can you provide the area (SF No Details) to be taken for propse expansion which will help the public to comeout from the confusion and peaceless life.

  6. My house is in just 150 feets distance from the coimbatore airport compound wall. can you tell me whether it will be affected by airport expansion

  7. Can you tell me , what is the land rate near Airport — Poonga Nagar

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