Shivaji on mobile phones

Hutch, cellular service provider, in a tie-up with has launched the contents of the movie ‘Sivaji’ on its mobile.This tie-up would provide Hutch subscribers in Tamil Nadu access to special value-added services like ring tones, wall papers, picture messages, movie alerts, star alerts, trivia and much more from the movie. Select songs were also available as caller tunes.

Hutch also has ‘Star of Sivaji SMS contest’ to win movie tickets, Sivaji merchandise like audio compact discs, ‘Super Star’ autographed posters and sunglasses.

Hutch subscribers could also “pose like Rajnikanth” and send their photographs via MMS to The best photograph would win autographed merchandise.

Subscribers could also send wishes to Rajnikanth and dedicate songs through voice response service to win free movie tickets.

Kumar Ramanathan, Chief Executive Officer of Hutch for Chennai and Tamil Nadu said that Hutch took pride in bringing the ‘Super Star’ closer to his fans by launching the contents on mobile phone.


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