MAAC launches multimedia facility in Coimbatore

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), a leading animation and special effects institute, and a division of Maya Entertainment (MEL), launched its first stat-of-the-art multimedia education facility in Coimbatore.Equipped with the latest equipment, multimedia courseware and hi-tech laboratory, the centre will have its faculty drawn from the upper echelons of the entertainment industry to impart quality careeroriented education.
Aruna Kumar, general manager (operations-South), MEL, said “Coimbatore’s vibrant business environment, upcoming IT infrastructure and large creative talent pool makes it an ideal location for the animation industry”.
Kingshuk Gupta, general manager, MEL, said the Indian animation industry is currently pegged at $550 million with 42%, 31% and 15% of its animation content in Film & Broadcast, Gaming and Web respectively.”The emergence of new markets and the encroachment of 3D over the 2D market is expected to provide India with over $2 billion worth animation business within the next three years,” he added.
After consolidating its presence in the West and North, MAAC is now focussing on the South, which is evolving into an animation hub. “There is a huge potential in the region. Many studios are coming up in Bangalore and Hyderabad as companies find more skilled animators are being generated in these cities,” Gupta said.


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