Autorickshaw fares to be controlled

We will implement the new autorickshaw fare (with Rs.14 as the minimum ) in earnest from August 20 as it is eminently practicable,” Collector Neeraj Mittal told a press conference here on Friday.  This should be a good reason for a sigh of relief for the commuters in Coimbatore where buses are overcrowded and the only alternative to two wheelers is Autos.

Citing the availability of LPG as fuel for the autos, the collector said that this fare structure is more than practical and also due to the less congestion in Coimbatore when compared to Madras should make the vehicles slightly fuel efficient resulting in better milage. ( What he did not say here is , provided if the autos are not using the kerosene mixed with petrol)  The prime cited for this structuring is Bangalore where autos are used widely due to its affordability and uniformity of the rates. Prepaid autos will also be introduced in Coimbatore.

 In case of some drivers seeking “excess fare” from Monday, the public could complain to the control offices in the Regional Transport Offices.

Coimbatore (South)—0422- 2212520;

Coimbatore (North) – 0422 2218449;

Pollachi—04259 225159;

Mettupalayam—04254 226330 and

Tirupur – 0421 2473545.

 The autorickshaw fares have to be controlled and the drivers should be made to abide by the rules. Common citizens who use autos for their travel can breathe a sigh of relief atleast in coimbatore as the Collector of Coimbatore sounds atleast serious in enforcing the fare rules set by the State Government. The autorickshaw who are used to fleece the public will have to adjust to the new reality in the short term but in long term they will benefit a lot due to increased passenger traffic and lesser downtime.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the Post.But i found that the rule is still not in use and the autodrivers still continue to fleece(intimidate or threaten would be the right word) the passengers.With a staunch support from the Left(who run the auto drivers union),i do not see a solution to the menace since,these drivers are used to unbridled fare charging from the consumers despite vociferous protests from all forums present.

    Hope protest from the people to collectively ignore the current system or any alternative means such as share autos could provide some relief to citizens of this city.

    A Humble Coimbatore citizen.

  2. Nobody is gonna feel the difference now as not many people use the autos except for school-going kids.But when the new fare is enforced,the usage will be on the rise.The older rickshaws should be upgraded to the new ones(with LPGs)

    A note to the owner of the Blog,could you please update frequently.As a resident of coimbatore staying away from home for a long time,i’d be very pleased if the IT developements are also reported.

    Please keep up your good work!!

  3. Hi,

    Iam a coimbatorean but I stay in NJ and I get news updates of my city from your blog…I dunno if this is the right place to post the comment on the new rule or not….but if it could help any purpose…let it be.

    I dont think the rule change will affect autowalas in any case. There is no ruling system for before sunrise and after sunset system….in Bangalore they have system like this….from morning 6am to evening 10 pm there is one charge….after midnight to morning 6am is one charge….and every auto is meter based there… you can even complain if the meter goes very fast or if it is malfuntioning….there is no such a system here…

    who will complain when you have no bus to a particular spot after a particular time and you have to depend on autos for that?

    Instead my option would be to allow more number of the share / mini autos which carry more than one passenger…and each one has o give only 5rs for his destination…and if the no of share autos can be increased as well their allowance time…atleast till 11:00pm….that should relieve people from these money suckers.

  4. I know a few good old auto drivers are also there…and there are some poor men also who ask reasonable rate and good too….but this is a common notion and at least 70% of autowalas are like that wat I have seen in CBE.

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