Building rule Violations in Coimbatore

So What’s new ?

As Coimbatore is racing ahead of many cities in TN in terms of attracting businesses, Real-Estate is booming and the builders are cashing in. Some builders are cashing in by cutting corners also, in this case, by ignoring the construction rules of the local planning authority. Now the planning authority is taking it to them, by posting posters in the buildings which violate such rules in front of them stating they have violated the approved or sanctioned building plan.

In an earlier directive authorities had asked promoters to display plan approval number, plan permission approval number and rough sketch of the building in a clear view to the public.

A team of Planning Assistants led by K.M. Marudhavanan and C. Mathivanan had already identified 30 such buildings and pasted posters in front of them. It has cautioned people against occupying them on rent too.

In future, the authorities are planning to crack down on such buildings. It might cause huge losses for those who had either purchased them or rented them out.

What I don’t understand, is there anything that prevents the builders remove the posters thus posted. I don’t see it. I thought that if someone violates the law, they will be charged and taken to court.  Am I missing something here. ?  The public who buys / rents in such buildings will be in trouble if the planning authority decides to become strict and decides to demolish the violating part of the building.

Who is the loser ? Certainly not the builder…… I think we need strict enforcement is required which will be much more than posters.


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