Winter workouts

Wintry weather often derails workouts. Though winter blues make it difficult to get out of bed, making the effort helps. Exercise is a known mood elevator and helps fight winter depression. With a few exceptions, 30 minutes of exercise every day is a must, and most people can achieve it with precautions. In the afternoons People with heart disease can have chest pain sooner and frequently in cold weather. Cold air can trigger airway spasms in asthmatics. Exercising indoors, or outdoors in the late afternoon, is ideal for such people.Asthmatics and cardiac patients should have their medication handy. If cold weather has triggered an attack of asthma in the past, a couple of puffs of your asthma inhaler medication before exercise may be beneficial. Consult your physician before making changes in your dosage.

Cold muscles need longer warm-up times, and injuries are less common after a thorough warm-up. Late afternoon is the ideal time for exercise, as the muscles are already warm by this time.

The right clothing makes a difference when exercising outdoors. Wearing multiple layers of clothing helps keep warm. The inner layer should be a synthetic material which draws sweat away from body surface.The outermost layer should be a breathable fabric such as cotton. In chilly weather, wear a face scarf or a ‘monkey cap’ to keep you warm. Wear gloves if the weather is damp and cold.

Cold, dry air can be dehydrating, and it is important to drink water frequently during exercise.


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