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I was just browsing this blog and found an article about KPN travels thought i would just share .Here is the article..

KPN – A nightmare to travel

I should have posted this a long while ago but the time and opportunity came only today. This is my rant against the much reputed travel operator of Tamil Nadu. They seem to caught the eye of the people of Bangalore and this shows in their very attitude. I feel they hold monopoly over the Bangalore -Tamil Nadu route and care a damn for the convenience and the needs of the travelers.The story unfolds..

I had planned to travel to Cochin for the last Christmas Holidays to spend some quality time with my parents. As usual , all the available modes of transport were booked well in advance and I somehow managed to get a ticket from Coimbatore to Cochin from some travel operator (not worth mentioning) on 21 Dec 2007 at 10.30 pm. I also got a ticket from Bangalore to Coimbatore from KPN in the 1.00 PM bus. I was shocked as to how things could fall into place so easily. But God had other plans …

The 1.00 PM bus arrived at 3.00 PM at the boarding point in Bommanhalli. The journey to Coimbatore was a 7 hours one. So even if takes 7 hours I thought I had a cushion of 30 mins. to board the next bus. This relaxed me a bit and I slept off in the bus. When I woke up and hour later I was shocked to find myself hardly 50 kms from Bangalore and the bus was halted for snacks. This really pissed me off. I requested the driver to take me to Coimbatore at the earliest and told him the scenario I was in but it fell on deaf ears. He was so reluctant in pressing the damn accelerator and the bus was moving at a snails’ pace. ( around 50 km/hr) in bus terms. The road department also added to the misery as they were busy relaying the load and the traffic was disrupted due to it. I could see the driver having a wicked grin when he looked at me.

The journey was eventful with the bus being caught in a traffic jam for 45 mins. I was also tortured by the horrible on road films that he was screening . Guys! please direct some sensible movies, people need to survive after watching it.

At last I reached Coimbatore at 12.30 AM, 2 hours after my scheduled arrival. Had the bus come at 1 PM as it should , I would have reached Coimbatore by 10.30 PM.

Hoping against odds that KPN shall improve


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  1. KPN always does that,being in b’lore i was always subject to delays while travelling.But they did reach coimbatore on time.The 22:00 hrs bus would reach cbe at 06:00-07:00 hrs in the morning while the 02;00 hrs bus would reach at around 09-10.I particularly didn’t find it uncomfortable as i travelled in volvos most of the time.Someone needs to point this out to the top management so that some action can be taken on this

  2. I have had bitter experiences with KPN. At Bangalore they dont care a bit about the passengers and take full advantage of the demand. Not one day I have seen them starting the bus on time. It is always a delayed start.

    I dont know if they are working on this.

  3. I have also had similar bad experiences with KPN travels while travelling to and fro from coimbatore. They never stick to timings and they nearly take 9 hrs for the journey from bangalore to cbe.
    The buses are badly maintained and in bad shape.
    You can try ABT travels. They are ontime and buses are also new and in good condition

  4. KPN is the most PATHETIC thing that could happen to the transport industry in India!!! I travel from Bangalore to Madurai frequently and it is usually on the so-called Volvos.. KPN has a big damn monopoly on the Blr-TN route.. The sickest experience is as follows.. I took a KPN volvo bus from blr to madurai… the bus stopped at a petrol station in krishnagiri.. to my surprise; they asked us to change buses there.. we changed into a sick volvo!! the bus was stinking and water was dripping all over on the passengers.. When asked, the driver said he cant do anything. it was the manager who asked him to take the bus who was at fault… there were blood sucking bugs too on the bus!! i dont think writing more is going to change the attitude of the money-minded pigs.. so take my advice.. AVOID KPN.. take even a bullock cart but not KPN.. u will atleast save the money for something useful!!

  5. Hi all,

    Good to see all these articles. Am another passenger who had experienced KPN. I travel frequently between Coimbatore and Bangalore. I had lot of exp with KPN and some are like : once myself and my friend were travelling from CBE to BLR and my friends seat were full of bed bugs(which is very common in KPN). He couldnt sleep for half the journey and he was sitting behind the driver seat. After half the journey, i gave my seat to my friend and i was sitting behind the driver.

    Another case : my seat in volvo was full of water from the AC duct.

    Last time when i travelled in KPN – Dec 08 , i booked in Sleeper AC from BLR – CBE . The departure time was – around 11 pm but the bus came around 2 am ( mid night) . At that time all the buses to different routes have gone and the kpn people had closed their office also. No one was there in the road . It was cold as you know it was Dec.

    Also the drivers are very rude.

    Also to note – they are costliest travel operator. Ie Rs. 470 is what charged for Ac buses btwn BLR – CBE but if you consider ABT and Conti is less(arnd 420 max).

    Please avoid KPN !! Beware of KPN !!

    Try ABT or Conti – (if you are planning to go to CBE) . Both are very reliable and good service.

    • Hi all
      Each and everyone using KPN is facing issues every day. They treat passengers like shit. KPN have an very bad attitude and overconfidence. We have to think and stop using KPN. Dont use KPN service in your life time. Take an extra mile step and spread this messgae and convince people , not to use KPN service. Their business should come down. Only then they will realise their mistake.

  6. Hi All,

    It is good to see lot of messages about the services of KPN Travels. I agree with the views expressed in this blog. Though i have had many bitter experiences with KPN, i want to narrate the most recent one….

    Recently i travelled from Trichy to Bangalore. Usually it takes about 8 hrs for the journey and now with the road widening work happening, one can expect an additional 30 – 45 mts of travel time. But the bus which was supposed to start by 1 PM and reach Bangalore atleast around 9:30 PM, took close to 10 hrs and reached bangalore around 11 PM.

    The attitude of the KPN staff be it at the booking counter or the helper in the bus or the driver adds to the frustration of the passengers. I think the KPN management should show some seriousness to the issues passengers face. Reaching Bangalore so late in the night poses many challenges to the passengers – there were many young girls in the bus, there were a few elderly women travelling alone – Is it not KPNs responsibility to think about the safety of the passengers? Atleast earlier KPN buses used to arrive at the destination with acceptable delays. But now with the road widening work going on in many major routers, KPN should relook at their practices. A few good practices that may help :

    1. Buses should start on time. During my travel, there was a delay of about 20 – 30 mts.

    2. Avoid stopping the bus unnecessarily for long durations. During my travel there were 2 stops in Salem. One in the petrol bunk for a coffee break to the passengers and one in the Salem bus stand for a few passengers to board. Why don’t they combine these two stoppages into one for 10 mts instead of spending 30 mts in Salem alone. Also many times i have observed that even after all the passengers who board in Salem get into the bus, the driver still waits for atleast 10-15 mts for reasons unknown to passengers.

    3. Keep only one break. During my travel the driver stopped the bus for 15 mts near krishnagiri for dinner. or KPN should make sure that together the two breaks do not consume more than 15 mts.

    4. In between the driver stops the bus near Dharmapuri, Krishnangiri and Hosur though no passengers board or leave the bus. Looks like for some personal needs. This adds another 10 mts to the travel time. This should be completely avoided.

    With some better planning and seriousness KPN can certainly reduce the travel time by about 45mts – 1 hr. This will atleast save the passengers from the issue of reaching the destination so late in the night.

    Hope good sense prevails!!!

  7. Hi All,

    I had some bad experiences of booking counter person shouting at me and time delays which usally happens.Instead of quarrelling with these guys its better to change the bus.I am now a regular customer of Kavi travels,400 rs they give clean comfortable sleeper berth ,they are ontime always.

    IT’s better to change to other small travels for our comfortable jurneys

  8. KPN sucks big time, they dont stick to their pickup times (what is printed on the boarding pass is actually the time the bus starts from Kalasipalaya) while they ask us to report 30 min before the time printed on the boarding pass at Bommanahalli. I was punctual and so had to wait for ~2.5 Hrs before the bus showed up for a 7 hr journey. The bus starts, then we have a bunch of blokes who count the 40 odd passengers over and over gain (atleast 5 times); within the first 1.5 hrs of journey the driver does a pit stop for 30 min at a spot before K.giri. Now that he has lost time and to make up he just stands on the damn accelerator and rides entirely on the right hand side of a road withouth the dividor (US style)

    The Bommanahalli waiting room doesnt have a rest room, atleast the gents can go nearby to relieve themselves, but i pity the women.

    Contrary to other reports, i have found their volvo buses to be good – could be due to the BLR-CBE sector…

    My next tip will be on a Conti.

  9. I had bitter experiences with KPN. I used to travel with KPN but due to bad service and running time now prefering other operators.

    Beware of KPN !!!

    Please avoid KPN !!!

  10. Good to see all the comments about KPN. Most of my cases KPN have already been told in the previous posts.


    Atleast one of the above mentioned cases is going to happen if you are to take KPN again.

  11. I was waiting for the bus of the kpn from salem to madurai the bus delayed because it should be come to salem at 4.30pm he told some accdient was held in dharampuri andit reached at 6.30p.m it should be reach about 12.15 am irequest any other bus service avilable from day time from salem to madurai the kpn is vast service becase it should be reached 10.30pm
    so please avoid kpn

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