Talking library for visually impaired

Lions Club of Coimbatore by joining hands with the Bharatiyar University has set up a unique audio library for the visually impaired students considering how much these students struggle to get study material in Braille for higher studies.  The venture known as ‘Talking Library’ boasts of nearly a thousand recorded audiocassettes on various subjects for the benefit of the visually handicapped pursuing college and post graduation studies.

Visually challenged students have found this library very useful. They spend hours at the CD and record players machines listening to books, periodicals and their course materials.”I had come to this talking library for the first time and this talking library is a boon to the visually challenged persons like us. Generally, people with normal eyesight can easily access or go to any library and can also refer any kind of books but we can study only what is being taught to us in our class,” Ponnuswamy, Visually challenged student.

“Moreover this kind of talking library is very useful to all our brothers and sisters to refer various books and notes studying for M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D etc. This is really useful to us and in future we can also compete in the world equal to normal people and come up in life,” he added.

“It is for the first time with the help of Lions club they (Bharatiyar University) is initiating this scheme here. All the people have liked the CDs and audio cassette recordings which are not monotonous like Braille. So we have plans to create one more recording system in Coimbatore and want to thank the Lion’s Club,” said Subbulakshmi.It is estimated that 33.3 million of the world’s visually impaired people live in developing countries and more than half of the world’s blind live in India (nine million), Africa (seven million) and China (six million). By Jehovah. G (ANI)


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