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  1. Hello officer, I had my 4 wheel driving licence issued at coimbatore in 1984. My address those days used to be T 4 16 Air Force Colony Red fields Coimbatore. I left India and am unable come to have a copy of my driving licence to help myself getting a driving licence. Pleas help me get a copy of my licence and do please refresh me about fees involved.


    Murali. Canada.

    • I will be surprised if the RTO has any knowledge of computers let alone answering to your query. Pose a question to any Govt office including LIC etc, you will NOT get any reply. If you ask them over phone they will ask you to come meet them face to face.

  2. How can you expect some one to reply over internet.
    even if your present your work will not get done in 2 weeks


  3. HI

    even i am looking for some answer
    i had bike licence taken in the year 1987, in that it is mentioned as CLASS A only i dont have any clue
    i need to get bike licence from over sea they are asking me explain what is class A
    Can any one help who is known to CBE RTO


  4. sir

    my driveing licens miss in the bus i can see my licens in the net

  5. dear sir/madam,
    i am living dubai.perambalur is a my native i wish for heavy driving licence(bus).already i have lmv (badge) for india and lmv,heavy goods vehicle,heavy bus licence in UAE i also working driver in UAE.am on the vacation coming next month(may,2009).so pls. kindly send a your valuable details of how to apply heavy licence.
    Thankig you.

  6. Dear sir i have motor byk and Lmv license with batch.
    The renewal date was in feb 2009 presently i am in dubai i want to know what is the maximum renewal period allowed


  7. sir,
    I have lost my driving licence, I neither have a copy of it.. or any evidence for it.. only the day i got the licence is remembered, Is there any possibility to get my duplicate licence?

  8. Dear sir
    Iam situated at coimbatore & i have got two wheeler licence on 25.05.1999 but i have lost the original licence can iget one duplicate from RTO.For that what is the procedure.please mail the details.

  9. My driving licence expired on 16/8/09.
    If I renew it late do I have to pay a fine.
    Will the RTO office be open this 14/9/09.

  10. Will Thudiyalur,Coimbatore office be open on 14/9/09

  11. Respected sir,I have LMV dt 10/08/1983 CBE and MCWG dt 21/08/1991 cbe License the renewal date is 14/102009.presently i am in THAILND .i want to know what is the maximum renewal period to allowed.kindly
    give me the valuable reply.

  12. what is the vehicle population in coimbatore. please
    specify each kind of vehicle

  13. Dear Sir,
    I want to renewal my driving license , which has been upto 6/5/2010 i want to know the proceedures how to get my driving license updated and what would be the charges due to that proceedings.
    Thank you

  14. Hi i m looking for 2 wheeler driving license how can i apply for it can any 1 tell me the procedure to get LLR and how to take license :::.

  15. Dear Sir,
    I am situated at coimbatore & i have got two wheeler licence dated 22.06.2005. Now i want to apply for four wheeler driving Licence. Please guide me how to apply the driving license online.

  16. Gd Mg Sir,

    I want to renewal my driving license MCWG & LMV which has been upto 06/02/2011. My Driving licence No. 107976/CBE/1993. Now I have shifted to Trivandrum. Whether I have to come to Coimbatore (or) can I renew my licence thro’ ONLINE? Pl inform about the procedure. Thanks V. Ganesh – Mobile No. 094465-73977

  17. Sir,
    I recd letter from my bankers towards No Objection certificate related to my vehicle loan lien release along with Form 35 (which is valid for 90 days) duly signed by them.

    I have been given informed that it should be endorsed with RTO, Please let me know
    1.What are the formalities? and
    2.How much time it will take in your office for endorsing?
    3. Whom I have to meet?

    Kindly clarify.


  18. 18.3.2011


    The RTO, Coimbatore (south)

    Dear Officer,

    Sub: NRI Licence regard

    This is to introduce me that I am S.Krishnamoorthy, Madurai Thiagarajar College of Engineering 1989 pass out, NRI working in Gulf. I have my LMV four wheeler licence issued from Kanpur, valid till 2018. Also I have a valid Saudi Arabian LMV licence issued from Dammam , Saudi Arabia.

    Coming to the issue, my two wheeler licence issued in 1992 got expired in 2008, from Moradabad , UP. I approached RTO office, Peelamedu, about 6 months back for renewal, where they said they can’t issue a new 2 wheeler licence on the basis of expired one immediately as they have to send the expired one to Moradabad and get confirmation on its genuinity. So they suggested me to go for a fresh licence. But I would like to inform you, I visit India once a year may be for a couple of weeks which is insufficient for getting a licence.

    Kindly may I request you to issue me a fresh two wheeler come LMV licence on the basis of checking following original documents? I am in India today & I can submit the following original documents for your kind perusal.

    1. Valid passport showing my immigration dates with Coimbatore address.
    2. Expired Indian two wheeler Licence and valid four wheeler licence.
    3. Ration card showing Coimbatore address.
    4. PAN card showing Coimbatore address.
    5. Saudi Arabia Licence.

    Hope you will understand my case’s genuinity and approve to issue me a fresh licence. I plan to visit your Peelamedu RTO office today. Thanks for your understanding.

    Yours faithfully,


  19. Sir, I got my two wheeler licence in jan 2011, but i lost the original, now plan to get four wheeler licence, can i get both four wheeler and two wheeler licence merged in one without my two wheeler original licence, please reply

  20. Please reply to my query, i do no what to do, should i want to apply the licence for two wheeler again while applying for four wheeler, please relply. Regards, vignesh

  21. Sir,
    I am residing at presscolony
    in our colony earth movers are used for diging the public roads by private for thier sanitation it causes lot of distubances and total blockage of road
    I want to understand what is the procedure / controls for earth moving equipment oprerators on hiring by private parties earth moving operators are authorised to to dig / demlosih the public road and causing public inconveience and road blockage ?
    I request you to enforce action and give the guidelines of earth moving oprerators working on public properties without Approval of Govt authroties

  22. My RC book is due for renewal on 24.4.2011. What are the procedures involved for renewal of RC Book

  23. Sir,

    TN 28 2266 – Scorpio – Brown
    This is an ownboard Vehicle.
    But the Vehicle Owner has used this vehicle in only for rented purpose.
    This vehicle is running in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.
    The Vehicle owner was finished his hire purchase loan for 5.5. lacs.
    The owner’s house is opposite to Roots Company, Ganapathy, Sanganoor Road.
    His Mobile No. is 96007 24333
    Please take action immediately

    Kindly take this information as confidential.

  24. i want driving licence

  25. Dear Sir,

    I sold my Yamaha RX100 , Model 1988, vehicle number TAG 3779, Engine Number 1L1077022, Chassis No 1L1 077022 to Mr. Mohammed Hakkim on 05DEC2011.

    I will send the debit note on register post.


  26. I am living singapore in my 4&2 wheller licence had taken in 1999 cbe rto office i was convert apply singapore licence they told need for smart card type licence so how i convert smart card licence please reply valuable details kindly thanks

  27. i need to know the address of TN 38 AW 7832.

  28. Respected sir..
    i am from Coimbatore…
    I purchased Yamaha fzs on 24th Aug 2011 in cbe. and reg it in peelamedu rto office..
    now i am currently staying in Bangalore working in it company.
    i preferred to bring my bike to Bangalore..
    what are the procedures i need to finish before bringing it here..
    please help me with this issue.

  29. Sir sps bus 3A ganapathy to ukkadam 5rs vasul panranga pavam pichai eadukkaranga kandactor

  30. sir, i lost my ration card. . if necessary to bring ration card to put license and llr. . . Any other proof instead of ration card? Reply me as soon as possible sir. Thanking. You. . . Yours truely vineeth

  31. iam planin to take a bullet , TN 37 1686, can i know about its exact model & details of the RC owner..

  32. I request for issue tickets two on date 16-02-2013, to 18-02-2013, accommodation /Darshan to Tirupathi Lord venkateshwara Swami

    I will be payee amount under office T T D same day.

  33. Hi i m looking for 2 wheeler driving license how can i apply for it can any 1 tell me the procedure to get LLR and how to take license :::.

  34. i need to take two wheeler license how can i apply for that and what is the amount for that orm me
    my mail id madhurekha17@gmail.com
    what are the documents required for that pls inf


  36. I would like to know my detailed driving licence address pls provide me the address of the licence. Now i am living kerala. I lost my licence 5 years ago.
    My licence nomber is..3650/96

  37. sir iam applied badge before 4 months throw driving schools . i am not get badge when i will get it sir

  38. dear sir
    i have two wheeler llr.
    how to get license.
    wat documents need.

  39. Dear Sir,
    How to get my lost license..

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